Instagram Marketing Tips for Mobile Usage Vs Desktop Usage

Social media marketing on Instagram is consistently on the rise, and it is not only because Instagram is part of the new social wave, but it is also because all the right people are on there. Statistically, millennials have the highest population of consumers and Instagram is one place to find millennials. Instagram marketing is targeted to all Instagram users, that means mobile users and desktop users. This subdivision plays a great role for any business looking to employ Instagram marketing. 

These two groups of Instagram users although similar have some differences that must be considered to have an efficient Instagram marketing strategy. To target them properly, you need to know the difference between mobile users and desktop users and then know which Instagram marketing tips will be targeted at both groups. 

Mobile Instagram usage VS desktop usage

Mobile users have a shorter time to spend on a post than a desktop user: The Instagram mobile interface is actually designed to allow users scroll through very fast while the desktop interface with larger photos forces users to spend more time on each post.

Availability: Mobile Instagram users are more available than desktop users because of its convenience. Mobile users can easily get on Instagram at any time, while you are getting coffee, getting tacos, etc. on the other hand, desktop users need to be more stable and within proximity of Wi-Fi connection to use Instagram. Hence they have different hours. 

Interaction: Because desktop users spend more time on a post, they have more purposeful interaction which converts. Mobile users can double tap posts without even considering if they really like it.

Instagram marketing tips for mobile users vs desktop users. 

Understanding the two categories of users will help with knowing how to reach them better. These are a few tips to improve your Instagram marketing strategy for both. 

Captions or picture?

Of course, it does not have to be one or the other, but it is important to understand where each of these strategies sells more. Mobile Instagram users give a few seconds of attention to each post that they see, this means that they are less likely to read a caption than desktop Instagram users. Hence for Instagram marketing, using captions will be more effective with desktop users than with mobile users. Targeting mobile users will require a bold picture, something that grabs the attention and tells the story in minutes. However, never forget to use hashtags as it will help you be found. 

Converting to sales by luring mobile users.

Statistics show that 33% of marketed products on Instagram were converted to sales and this number is higher than that of mobile users. This means that marketing for mobile users is very effective for providing information about a product, while marketing for mobile users is more effective for converting to sales. The way large brands make use of this information is by using more detailed posts to inform customers about an upcoming product or event and then when it is time to convert, they make use of engaging photography to lure mobile users. 

Target your audience by knowing their active hours

Mobile and desktop users generally have different active hours. Mobile users spend more time on Instagram, and desktop users are more likely to be online during the day than they are at night. Hence it means, it is always a great time to make a sale but not always a great time to pass information about your brand or your product.

Here’s how to use this information. This means that, when you have so much to write under a post, captions and the rest, you are more likely to have it read by desktop users than by mobile users. Hence, when posting during the day or any active hours for desktop users, you can be more expressive with your captions, then you use shorter captions at other hours like early mornings and late at night. 

Understand your audience with the help of insights

Whether you are targeting mobile users or desktop users, none is as efficient as using insights to understand your followers. With insights, you can find out a lot about the demographics of your users, like their age, their interaction and which hours they are more active. This is a great guide, make sales during their most active hours and understand the type of post they interact with. 

Age demographics of mobile and desktop users

Mobile and desktop users have different age demographics. Desktop users have older population while mobile users have a younger population. This means that if you are trying to market products that are targeted at an older population, you may have more success targeting desktop users. Hence, you have the liberty to put in as much product information as possible.

Clicking on links out of Instagram: Instagram marketing is useful for businesses, even when they are already established outside of Instagram. Statistics show that 90% of brands have an Instagram account and make use of Instagram marketing to reach their customers. Mobile usage is on the rise and with it comes an increased usage of social media and Instagram. Instagram marketing can be an avenue to divert a target audience, leading them to discover websites with the help of a captivating picture.  

Sponsored contents is a must use for Instagram marketing:

whether you are targeting desktop users or mobile users, putting up a sponsored content can help you reach an audience wider than just your followers. You can use it to target particular demography and also target a different kind of users. You can also use sponsored content to decide when your posts will be seen. 

In conclusion, different marketing techniques can be used for mobile and desktop users but there are still some tips that apply to both parties regardless. While you may make use of general Instagram marketing tips to reach your customers better and sell your products, it is more effective if you can understand what category your target audience falls under and hence tailor your posts accordingly. 

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