Backlink Building 101: How to Get More Backlinks to your Site

Are you creating great content on your website but still not getting as much traffic as you want? So, don’t sit down like a lazy fellow. Start some extra work to get some backlinks to increase the organic traffic on your website.  

The backlink is a very prominent factor in the growth of a website. Backlinks are those sites that are linked or connected to your site. It brings organic traffic to your website through organic ways like google search etc.

So, as a blogger or website owner, you need to know some strategies and tips to get more backlinks to your website.

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you get more backlinks to your website.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is the most basic and valuable way to get more backlinks to your website. It means that you will write content and blog posts for other websites. You need to do two extra works for your website:

  • Find prevalent and well-established websites.
  • Write the countless amount of guest posts for them.

When you write a “countless” amount of guest articles/posts for some popular websites, you will get a new audience. The new people will read your content, and as your content is valuable and readable, they will get stuck with you.

Now, why I used the word” countless”? Because in this strategy, you have to write for other people. You need a big heart because it will take some time to get your content to be loved. After some time, you will surely get backlinks of some popular websites to your website.     

Keep an eye on your Competitors.

Don’t forget that you are running a website that is a business. So, in any business, you have to get some vital information about your competitor.

Right? But what methods work best for accomplishing this?

In all honesty, you are going to want to use a SERP checker tool, as if you were to try and accomplish this in a manual method, it would just take up way too much time.

We are currently using the Zutrix SERP checker tool, as it’s free for up to 10 keywords and has a lot of great features when fully unlocked with a premium account.

You can learn more about Zutrix and how their SERP monitoring tool works, by watching the short video below.

In addition to tracking your own site keywords and rankings, you can do the same for your competitors as well. Which makes it very easy if you want to spy on your competitors and learn more about their backlinks strategies.

Sometimes, it feels wrong, but it is not wrong while you are running a website. Follow them on social media, subscribe to their posts, and spend some time understanding their backlinks.

After knowing about their backlinks, choose appropriate ones for your website. This is a very effective way to get more backlinks to your website.

The Skyscraper Method

The skyscraper technique is probably the most efficient way to get backlinks. But it wants you to do some extra and exceptional work. The skyscraper technique of link building involves some steps you need to follow to get the best result:

Step 1:

Find some relevant articles on your topic. Please read and understand them completely. Make sure that your found content must have a large number of backlinks.

Step 2:

Make better content than that. And to make it better, you can follow the tips given below:

  • Increase the length.
  • Design it with your style.
  • Make some fresh, new, and updated content.
  • Discuss the topic more in-depth.

Step 3:

Get to those people who were following your found content. Now, you have improved it. So, they will come to you in no time.

The Moving Man Method

It is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. It is a conservative strategy. You have to follow some steps to get into it:

  • Find some popular companies that have become outdated or changed their domain.
  • Then, find their backlinks. Find those sites that are still linked with them.
  • Then contact them and tell them that you have also written on the same topic. But you have to convince them that your content is better than those outdated websites. They will check out your content and work with you if your content is valuable.

If you are interested in this method, you can learn more about it here.

Last Words

Here, I have discussed the most reliable and best ways to get more backlinks to your website. These ways and strategies will surely help you out. But you have to work on them appropriately.

Still, the main thing is content. First, make your content valuable, then go for it!

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